Euphoria (2019) – Sam Levinson – S1 [SPOILERS]

Sam Levinson’s Euphoria follows Zendaya’s Rue Bennett, a teen dealing with drug addiction and mental health disorders (she is diagnosed from an early age with “obsessive compulsive disorder, attention defect disorder, general anxiety disorder and possibly bipolar disorder”). The series starts with Rue coming out of rehab, but it immediately becomes clear that she hasContinue reading “Euphoria (2019) – Sam Levinson – S1 [SPOILERS]”

I May Destroy You (2020) – Michaela Coel & Sam Miller {SPOILERS}

I May Destroy You is unabashed and provocative in tackling the concept of consent. It follows Arabella, a young writer in London, as she pieces together the events of a night out in which she is drugged and sexually assaulted. Michaela Coel, (the creative force behind Chewing Gum), not only plays Arabella, but is alsoContinue reading “I May Destroy You (2020) – Michaela Coel & Sam Miller {SPOILERS}”